[Fringo News] Independence Day Cruise

Posted on June 07, 2014
When you board Fringo’s Independence Day Cruise, you can visit one of the most iconic symbols of the USA...while playing your favourite game. Available from June 9 - July 4!
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Independence Day Cruise Achievements
Earn all the new, ridiculously patriotic achievements Fringo have prepared for you to celebrate Independence Day in full American style!
Reward: 400,000 Coins and 15 Power-ups

Lady Liberty
Play 5 rounds in Independence Day Cruise
Livin' the dream
Get 1st place 5 times in Independence Day Cruise
Save it for tonight!
Daub a strawberry and a blueberry consecutively
Light up the skies!
Jump 10 places using a Fireworks power-up
Stars & Bars
Get paylines 7 and 4 first

Set'em free!
Use Fireworks power-up twice in the same round
First Triple Fringo in a round among all players
Land o' plenty
Daub all fruits in an Extra Fruits power-up
As American as...
Daub 3 apples at a time using a Fruit Family power-up
Born in the USA
Complete a full card in Independence Day Cruise 3 times
Area 51
Get 3 Double Fringos using an U.F.O power-up
Team USA!
Daub 4 consecutive fruits present in the conveyor belt

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