Solitaire's New Design & More

Posted on June 08, 2014
Vegas World have updated the look and text of various Solitaire bits and bobs, added a tutorial for first-time players and new tips tat pop-up as you play. They've also renamed Draw Pile to Deck and Discard to Match Pile.
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Updated look! The new look is much brighter, just as sleek and includes a completely new Power-up Screen! Which by the way, now says,
"Introductory Prices - Super low prices for a limited time only!".
So stack on those power-ups before the price goes up!
Old Design (Left) - New Design (Right)

Old Design (Left) - New Design (Right)  

Old Design (Left) - New Design (Right)

Old Design (Left) - New Design (Right)

New Player Tutorial! This is the new tutorial for when a player plays their first game of Solitaire.

New In-Game Tips! Here are the new tips that pop-up as you play. I think we all can agree that they're much more helpful and better looking than the old ones.

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